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Books for after naptime
I love taking my one year old there to play with all the awesome baby learning toys, and to check out books to read him after his naps.

Marissa, stay-at-home mom


Reading exposes “a slice of life”
I like to read Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. They are bestsellers because everyone likes them, including me. There are a lot of reasons why I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like graphic novels, but the main reason is that I like slices of lives. Just by looking at the first page of the 8th Diary of a Wimpy Kid book made me think it was stupid, but I read the rest of it and it was actually really good. I hope you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

James, elementary school student

Discovering a love of reading
The library provided me with the resource to learn about a health issue a loved one faced. Prior to that time, I had not been an avid reader. The research and discovery of the information I craved opened my eyes and my heart to reading. I realized that I had never been interested in a subject or drawn in by fiction enough to read. I had read what a teacher assigned but reading on a non-fiction subject of my choice was fascinating. Having this library furnish the information I craved was the first step to my love of reading. I now love to read and my life has been enriched by my public library.

Barbara, Mom-Grandmother-Employee

The Library gave me my life back!
How the library helped me fight my way back to good health: In 2008 I was suddenly stricken with a severely disabling illness. Appointments with many specialists in 2009 and 2014 resulted in no help. One doctor helped knock out the original illness by late 2009 but was not able to help with the total loss of energy, disabling fatigue, and many other dire symptoms. So I relied on self-help aided by books from the library. Books which were especially helpful were Super Immunity; The Wahls Protocol; The Disease Delusion; Anti-Cancer: a new way of life; and Anti-Cancer Diet: reduce cancer risk through the foods you eat. Recovery has taken more than 8 years but I am now fully functional and am not bed-bound like most who get this illness. As of December 2015 I have only about 2 one-day flare-ups per month. I have my life back!

Retired adult

An evening book club
I met someone who was looking for an evening book club in Bedford. I told her that the Bedford Library had a daytime book club, but I would ask them if they would allow us to start an evening book club. Maria and Jeanne loved the idea of us facilitating an evening book club at the library and have bent over backwards to make sure it is successful by booking rooms for us and advertising for us. Thank you so much Bedford Library staff for allowing residents to start new programs!!

Tammy, Bedford resident

Resources for success
Before I moved from where this Library was, I was struggling with finding a job because I did not have a computer and I did not have internet access. When I had a library card, I was able to use the computer to apply for jobs, and also for moving. The best part was reading! I enjoyed reading new books, books I would never see myself reading and actually going back for more and telling friends about it. The library was a safe place for me to go, when I felt ashamed for not having a job, going to the library and job searching, in a way, became a job. When I finally got a job, I was able to move and get a better car. I thank the library and the librarians for all their assistance. Had it not been for the library, I wouldn't be as successful as I am today.

Roni, working adult

Mom-and-me time
My 6-year-old daughter and I love to visit the Bedford Library together because of the cozy window seats in the children's section. Even though she's reading chapter books now, each time we visit she picks out 3 picture books and we snuggle up together on one of the window seats and have some special read-aloud time. The Bedford Library is our favorite place for quiet, distraction-free mom-and-me time!

Susan, stay-at-home mom

A child’s love of reading
The Library has ignited my child's passion for reading. He loves coming to the library and finding books on legos, graphic novels and cheat codes.

Maria, mother

A Love of Reading
I love to read. I always have a book to read. I have joined a book club so I like to come & Check out the books we are supposed to read.

Cynthia, Retired Homemaker