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View or Pay Library Fines

The Bedford Public Library is pleased to offer the ability to view or pay Library Fines/Fees online using the SmartPay online service.  You’ll need your library card number and password to log in.

When you click on the “Pay now with SmartPay” link you will be leaving the Bedford Public Library website and directed to SmartPay, an online resource to pay Library Fines and Fees.

Please be aware that policies that apply to the Library and its website may not be the same as the terms of use for other websites. Technical requirements and services are the sole responsibility of SmartPay. By proceeding you agree to accept and assume all risks and responsibilities for the losses and damages that may arise from your use of SmartPay and release the Bedford Public Library from all liability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I pay online?
Use your library card number and password to log in to SmartPay from the Library catalog or the link that display when you are logged in to your account. You will be able to see your balance and select items to pay with your credit/debit card.

What forms of payment are accepted for online payments?
You may use MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit cards, and debit cards displaying the MasterCard or Visa symbol. Regular debit card payment with PIN is not currently available.

Can I use PayPal for my online payment?
No, the Library’s payment system does not support payments via PayPal.

Are my credit card and personal information secure?
The third party providers used in the process to pay fines or fees, donate, or otherwise initiate credit transactions via the library’s website are protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, a protocol for transmitting data securely. The Bedford Public Library does not collect or store any credit card processing data collected from the SmartPay site.

Does the Library save my credit card information?
No. The Library will not store your credit card information. You will have to enter the credit card information again if you wish to pay online again.

What are the overdue fines for library materials?

Books $0.25 $6.00
DVDs $1.00 $6.00
Library of Things $1.00 $10.00
All other library materials $0.25 $6.00

FYI – Accounts with $5.00 or more in outstanding fines cannot checkout or download electronic books. This fine limit has been set by the Overdrive Consortium which governs use of electronic books.

Is a service fee charged when paying fines online?
No service fee is charged.

Is there a minimum amount that must be paid online?
There is no minimum amount.

Can I choose to pay only a portion of the fines owed?
Yes. You can select the fines that you would like to pay. However, each selected fine must be paid in full; you cannot pay a partial amount of a selected fine.

How do I get a receipt when I pay my fines online?
A receipt for the payment of fines/fees will display after you successfully conclude your transaction. It will show the last four digits of your credit card and the date, amount and purpose of your payment. This confirmation page should be printed (or saved to print later) as a receipt, as no email confirmation will be provided.

When will the payment be reflected on my Library account?
Library fines and fees are cleared automatically during the payment process.

Why do the fines/fees I just paid still appear on my account screen?
You must “refresh” that screen. When you do, it will accurately reflect your payment.

I received a message that my transaction was declined. What do I do?
If your credit card transaction is declined, your fines and fees will remain on your library account. Contact the financial institution that issued your credit/debit card to determine why the transaction was declined.

What else should I know about using my credit card on the SmartPay website?
A failed transaction may leave a pending charge on your account, but such pre-authorized amounts normally clear within 24 hours and do not reflect actual charges to your credit card. Also, as in any online payment process, clicking the Finish (submit) button multiple times may result in duplicate payments.

I cannot log in to the SmartPay site. What should I do?
First try closing and reopening your browser before trying again. Make sure you are using the correct number on your Library card and the right Password. If you are sure you are using the right numbers but still cannot log in to the SmartPay site, please contact the library for assistance at 817-952-2350.

I found the lost item that I paid for online. Can I now return the item and obtain a refund?
If you pay for lost material, then find and return the material within 90 days of the due date, you may request a refund by visiting the Information Desk.  You will receive a refund check via mail within 2 – 4 weeks.

Why don’t my fines show up when I know I have overdue items?
Fines don’t show up until the item has been returned, renewed, or reached a maximum fine. Only then will the actual fine appear on your account.

I have questions about my library account. Who should I contact?
If you have questions regarding the amount due on your library account, please contact the library for assistance at 817-952-2350.